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May 10, 2013
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Mochi!RussiaxReader Part 3

After _______ had gone off to bed with her evil mochi Alfred strolled over to the shelf that contained her vast collection of movies.  There was no way in hell he was going to sleep…  No dreams for him, no sir!  So he grabbed an action movie and popped it in before settling on the couch with his coffee.

About halfway through his movie, Alfred started to feel a little hungry.  Not to mention he needed some more coffee so he could stay awake.  Stretching, Alfred made his way to the kitchen, but when he entered he was that little monster sitting next to the coffee maker.  “Didn’t _______ take you to bed?”

The demon didn’t answer, it just giggled and stared at him.  Alfred suppressed a shudder, ‘It’s fine, just ignore the thing and it wont bother you…’

So, ignoring the hell spawn that was staring at him, Alfred refilled his cup with the blessing that was coffee.  But just when he was about to take a sip, he heard a familiar and terrifying tune.

Startled, Alfred wildly looked around, trying to find the source of the song, but it was just himself and the mochi.  Alfred just shrugged it off and took a generous gulp of his coffee.  “Ahh… that‘s really good coffee… Where does _______ buy this?” Suddenly, Alfred‘s stomach growled. “Hmm, I am kind of hungry… ________ wouldn’t mind if I made myself something to eat, and I’ll make it up to her later.”

Nodding to himself, Alfred opened the fridge, but then, out of nowhere something dropped onto his head, making an all too familiar kolkolkol sound.  Letting out a strangled yell, Alfred fell back on his butt, the possessed mochi falling into his lap.  Alfred quickly backed away from the ball of evil before him, trying (and failing) not to panic and scream like a little girl.

The two of them stared unblinking at each other, a creepy aura surrounding the mochi.  Then, the mochi spoke to Alfred in a sickly sweet sounding voice, “Don’t touch my owner’s food, da?”

Alfred could only nod furiously, scared out of his mind.  The aura died down a little as the mochi giggled at him, and then shut the refrigerator door.  “Good, the get out of kitchen, da?”

Quick as the Flash, Alfred grabbed his coffee and was back on the couch, shaking uncontrollably.  ‘What the hell was that!?’ he thought, trying to calm himself down.  ‘That thing must be possessed…’

Almost as if the mochi had heard his thoughts, Alfred heard it singing THAT song; it was as if it was mocking him.

“One, two…
Guess who’s coming for you~”

Alfred was defiantly not going to fall asleep… he was already in a nightmare…

You’re POV Next morning

Youo woke up feeling very refreshed.  After stretching, you sat up and looked around for your little mochi.  ‘Wait, where is he?’

Worried, you quickly got dressed and went to go look for him.  The moment you entered the living room, Alfred practically glomped you shouting, “Dude, _______!  Tell that thing in the kitchen to let me have some food!”

Wriggling out of his hold you asked, “What are you talking about?  What thing?”

“That possessed demonic thing you call a mochi!” Alfred shouted, waving his arms around.

You rolled you’re eyes, “What did he do?”

“It wont let me get anything to eat!”

“Probably because you always eat all my food when you come over,” you deadpanned.

“But _______….” he whined.

You held up your hands in defeat, “Alright, alright… How about I make you some waffles.  But after that, you need to go home.”  

He grinned, “You’re awesome ________!“

You studied Alfred for a moment, taking note of how tired he looked.  “Alfred, did you really not sleep at all last night?”

Alfred’s face fell.  “No…” he mumbled.

You sighed, “It was just a movie Alfie…”

“It wasn’t just that!” he said defensively.  “That hell spawn of yours was singing that creepy song all night!”

You shook your head in disbelief.  “Whatever Alfred…”  With that you walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

------------------Timeskip of awesome-----------------

After you had finished cooking the waffles, you set up the table and called Alfred for breakfast.  He peeked around the entrance and looked around before he finally entered and took his seat.  “Quit being a big baby, Alfred.”

Alfred gave you a look before starting on his waffles.  Ignoring the look, you pulled open the fridge an pulled out a large bottle of vodka.

Alfred raised an eyebrow, “Vodka?  This early?”

“It’s not for me.”

“What do you-”

Alfred was suddenly interrupted by a joyous cry from the tiny white blob that came flying across the room.  “VODKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

Smiling, you poured the vodka for the mochi, who happily drank it.  Alfred stared in shock, “It… drinks… vodka?’

“Yes, he does.”

“O… kay…”

After breakfast was over, Alfred said goodbye and left, though you reminded him to get some sleep.  Closing the door you turned to se your mochi staring at you from the table.  Sighing, you walked over and picked him up.  “I suppose you want a reward for guarding my food, huh?”

The mochi just giggled happily in response.  You smiled despite yourself.  “Well, I suppose I should, but next time don’t scare him so much, okay?”


Thinking for a moment, you leaned forward and placed a small kiss on the mochi’s nose before setting him back down on the table.  “I’m going to go get ready, we’re going to Eduard’s house today.”

Mochi Russia’s POV

I watched in disbelief as _______ walk off to her room.  That angel lied to me!  I got a kiss from her, but I was still a mochi!

‘That’s not how magic works, chap.’

I jumped at the sound of the voice. “Who’s there?” I asked, looking around, only to find nothing.

‘You know very well who the bloody hell it is you twit…’ came the sarcastic voice of what I now recognized as the deceitful angel.

‘Now that’s a bit far Ivan.  I’m not deceitful.’

“Get out of my head…” I growled.

‘That’s no way for someone to treat the one who’s trying to help them.’

“Help?  _________ kissed me!  But I’m still just a mochi!”

‘It has to be a love filled kiss.  And on the lips.  Anything less than that and the spell will not work.’

“But then how do I get her do that?”
I questioned, I could feel an ache in my heart.

‘I couldn’t tell you that.  But I know you can find a way.  You’re a determined fellow.’

I sat in silence, thinking to myself.  I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn’t even notice _______ had come back.  “Alright, let’s go to Eduard’s.  I’m sure you’ll have some fun with his mochi’s while we’re doing work.”

Hmm…. And maybe there I could find a way to… yes… maybe…  I’ll have to ask the other mochi to see what they think.
Next part!

Oh my, what is Mochi Ivan going to do now?

If you haven't figured it out yet, the movie you made Alfred watch was the original Nightmare on Elm St.

Part 4:…
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Youknowho2 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Vodka! Lol! Awesome story.
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(Me) -giggling like a retard at this and goes to find some felt-

(Little Sis) -grabs computer monitor and shakes it- What have you done to my crazy sister? 
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>u< This is so cute ))
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I was listening to The Eye of The Tiger while reading this
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P.I:...mochi Russia is adorable!!!!!!!!!!
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P.I: *throws a knife at blank*shut up before I kill you ^-^
AnimeGamer1223 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Student Artist
“It’s not for me.”

“What do you-”

Alfred was suddenly interrupted by a joyous cry from the tiny white blob that came flying across the room.  “VODKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

Me: :iconfangirlingplz: AWWWWWWW!! THAT IS SO KAWAII!!
Alicha-Silvia Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Exactly what I was thinking lol
SnowFox693 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
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Mochis wanna own 'em all!
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